Post Handover Services

Post Handover Services

The handover of a project to the client at the end of construction is a very important stage of the project procurement process and facility operation success. A well organised, efficient and effective transfer of information from project works to the University is essential.

The transfer of ownership of the project from contractor to client can have an effect on health and safety, reliability, standards of operation, maintenance and operational cost efficiencies to the University. The transfer/handover period can be a very stressful time for contractors’ staff, and building owners and occupants alike as spaces become occupied and operation of the facility starts.

The commissioning and fine tuning operations during handover can impact heavily on core business of the University if not managed in a structured manner. The University capital works project management process identifies broad activities of the project handover stage.

The following sections of this document detail the requirements and actions required to be undertaken during any project handover.
The handover program shall be organised by the project manager in conjunction with the head contractor and subcontractors.

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